Global industry leading off-highway vehicle and earthmoving equipment manufacturers depend on our innovative design and engineering solutions every day.

Structure Optimization:
Altair champions the world in optimization technology. Industry leaders count on us to:
  • Improve performance
  • Increase capacity
  • Reduce fuel consumption

Vehicle System Performance Validation:
Heavy industry vehicles and equipment work under extremely varied operating conditions. Our valuable domain knowledge combines field-testing and benchmarking with multi-body dynamic simulation to obtain load histories for real events and occurrences, and predict realistic loads for new products

Product Localization for Emerging Markets:
As emerging countries rapidly grow, industry leaders race for market share. We can help:
  • Localize and rationalize products
  • Consider local manufacturability and cost.

Comprehensive Product Development Capability:
Altair’s staff has the comprehensive skill set needed for full vehicle development. For example:
  • BUSolutions – A transit bus program, fully engineered by simulation driven design processes at Altair ProductDesign. The ongoing project resulted in the most advanced, lightweight bus platform to date, successfully lowering cost of ownership while providing higher fuel economy.

Innovative Thinking

Innovative Thinking

Optimization Goes Way Beyond Weight Reduction

At Altair, we talk a lot about the need for optimization and its impact on reducing the weight of products but for me optimization can do much more than just provide weight advantages. Learn more >>


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